Marissa Graham skriver kontrakt för Göteborg HC

Publicerad 2022-05-21 14:56
Spelarpresentation insta marissa
Nästa säsongs spelartrupp fortsätter att ta form. Vi välkomnar Marissa Graham till Göteborg HC.

Hi Marissa, welcome as a new player in Gothenburg HC, how does it feel?

- I'm very excited to have signed with Gothenburg HC. They were so helpful and made me feel so welcomed during this whole process and that was a big part in my final decision to sign with the club. I'm hopeful to add to the club's success and am looking forward to a new team in a new city!

Family; (also dogs age and breed)

- Mom, dad and me :)

Former clubs as players?

2020-2022 Färjestad BK (NDHL & HockeyAllsvenskan)

2016-2019 Brock University Badgers (U Sports, OUA)

2014-2016 Edmonton Wolves (Jr. A)

2013-2014 Liberty University Flames (ACHA Div. 1)

2011-2013 Sherwood Park Kings Club (Midget AAA)

What will you bring to Gothenburg HC as a player and as a person?

- As a player, I bring hard work, physicality and competitiveness. As a person, I bring in a positive uplifting energy. I am a player that is loyal and committed to the success of the team both on and off the ice.

Now you will be part of next year's squad, what qualities do you think are important in an ice hockey player?

- I think that doing your best in all situations and never giving up is very important. I also put a heavy emphasis on hard work and physical fitness because "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". I believe players are ambassadors for the teams in which they are playing so it's important to act and dress accordingly.

Göteborg HC has stated that we want to make a restart and build a team with a clear idea, how do you think about your role in building a team with a strong us?

- Rebuilding a successful team with a clear vision requires unity. I am committed to bringing a unifying persona to the team. Success comes from the whole team buying into the future vision of the club. I am committed to helping the team and club build a strong foundation and good environment for the future.

What are you most looking forward to playing in our SDHL team?

- I'm really looking forward to taking a step to the next level. I will be playing with and against some of the top female hockey players in the world and while it will be challenging, I feel prepared to take on this challenge.

What are your main strengths as a player?

- My focus going into games is being a reliable defenceman who makes quick, smart and simple decisions. I strive to play hard and physically but also recognize offensive opportunities as well.

What do you want to develop as a hockey player?

- I'd like to continue developing my skating and stick skills, I feel like you can never do enough of that. The other thing I'd like to work on this season is the mental aspect of the game. GHC has a mental coach so I'm looking forward to being able to work with them to continue improving my mental toughness.

What are your expectations for the coming season?

- I hope to have a seamless transition to the new city, team and team mates. I expect to develop and grow both as a hockey player and an individual.

Do you have a role model? Describe why

- My parents are definitely my top role models, my dad especially. It was his hard work ethic and dedication to his work and endeavors that taught me what it truly takes to be successful. I admire my mom for her continued support and encouragement not only with my hockey career but in every other area of my life as well.

What is your passion?

- Outside of hockey… I have a great passion for health, fitness and nutrition coaching which is being expressed through the training business I run in Canada during my off seasons. I also really enjoy traveling, cooking, biking and hot yoga.

Anything else that might be good to know about you for our players and the club?

- My compete level is very high. I expect a lot out of myself and have very high expectations of where I should be and how I should perform.

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