Rebecca Brown spelar för Göteborg HC 2022/2023

Publicerad 2022-04-25 07:30

Rebecca Brown är vårt första nytillskott till SDHL laget säsongen 2022/2023. Rebecca är en spännande spelare som brinner för att spela ishockey. Rebecca har bra spelförståelse, bra teknik både vad gäller klubba och skridskoåkning. Vi har intervjuat Rebecca;

We welcome Rebecca Brown to Gothenburg HC and the new assignment as player in our SDHL team.

Hi Rebecca welcome as a new player in Gothenburg HC, how does it feel?

It feels amazing, I honestly don't have many words. I feel proud of the hard work myself and family has done throughout my hockey career that has gotten me to this point and I feel proud to be able to say I am going to have the privilege to put on a Gothenburg HC jersey next year. I get to do the thing that I love (play hockey) every day and all that does is make me smile.


My mom's name is Connie Brown, she is 64 years old and a school nurse. My dad's name is Rich Brown, he is 57 and a police officer. I have an older brother (25yrs) Robby and a younger sister (18yrs) Annika. I have two dogs Camry and Thyme who are both golden doodles. We are from a small ski town in Colorado and love to spend time together outside skiing, hiking, biking, and enjoying the outdoors. My family means everything to me, and we are all so excited for this opportunity.

Former clubs as players?

Utica University 2017-2022

Norwich University 2016-2017

Steamboat Springs High School 2015-2016

Colorado Select U19 AAA 2014-2015

Colorado Tigers 2012-2014

Steamboat Spring Youth Hockey Association 2002-2012

What will you bring to Gothenburg HC as a player and as a person?

As a player I will bring an unwavering work ethic, speed, physicality, and an urgency to help my teammates and coaches achieve our goals as a team.

As a person, I will always bring a smile, the ability to support my teammates and an extreme gratitude and understanding that I am so lucky and humbled by the fact that I get to put on a Gothenburg HC Jersey this season. No matter what role I find myself in I will act with leadership qualities that are a part of myself, and work hard to represent Gothenburg HC as best I can.

Now you will be part of next year's squad, what qualities do you think are important in an ice hockey player?

There are many different types of hockey players. The most important quality in my eyes is a hard work ethic and a never give up attitude. I was always told growing up that hard work will beat talent when talent doesn't work hard. Players with hard work ethics in my eyes are the players you see putting it all out there, every practice, every drill, every shift, and every game, not for themselves but for the benefit of the team.

Göteborg HC has stated that we want to make a restart and build a team with a clear idea, how do you think about your role in building a team with a strong us?

I think that all teams need clear goals, ideas, and expected cultures set forth from the beginning. When making a restart, I am eager to and will fill whatever role is asked of me in order to contribute to the team's success. I have held several leadership roles in my previous organizations, and I think no matter what is asked of me I will lead by example and strive to contribute everything I have to the team's success.

What are you most looking forward to playing in our SDHL team?

I am looking forward to getting to do what I love every day. I am looking forward to helping this team achieve our goals as a team and to produce a culture and product of winning. Playing at Utica University, I found a family in my teammates and coaches, and I hope to do the same in Gothenburg.

What are your main strengths as a player?

As a player, I am tall and strong (183cm tall). I have always used this asset to be a threat offensively. I am fast and accompany that with being tall and strong, I am able to be play maker and goal scorer. I have a high level of competition and passion for the game. I am also able to fill any role on the ice (except goalie) and fill those roles well.

What do you want to develop as a hockey player?

Developing as a hockey player is continuous. There is always something to be improving upon and when I look at my game specifically, I can get better in every aspect. I am a good hockey player, but I always want to get better.

What are your expectations for the coming season?

My expectation for this upcoming season is to help Gothenburg HC become a team to be reckoned with.

Do you have a role model? Describe why

My role models are my parents. I see them work hard every day to make sure my siblings and I have everything we could need. They have always encouraged me to follow my dream and that is what they are doing currently. Everyday growing up I was met with unconditional love and support and those are aspects that I take forth into my hockey career.

What is your passion?

I obviously have a passion for hockey. Hockey to me entails a lot more than just playing the game. I have found a love for strength training, and exercise science throughout my hockey career, and sports nutrition. I also have found a lot of joy in coaching and helping younger players develop on and off the ice. My passion is hockey and everything that comes with it.

Anything else that might be good to know about you for our players and the club?

Although my passion is hockey, I am much more than a hockey player. I love trying new things and I look at life as an adventure. I work as a nurse in an intensive care unit and find a lot of joy in helping people. I love having fun and spending time with my family and friends. I cannot wait to be in Gothenburg and get to work in a Gothenburg HC jersey.

Welcome Rebecca we looking forvard to see you in Gothenburg

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