Göteborg HC värvar målvakten Loryn Porter

Publicerad 2022-05-11 16:15
Till nästa säsong hittar vi Loryn Porter som kommer att vakta Göteborg HC:s kasse.

We welcome Loryn Porter to Gothenburg HC and the new assignment as Goalie of our SDHL team.

Hi Loryn welcome as a new player in Gothenburg HC, how does it feel?

It feels great! Having the opportunity to come play hockey in the SDHL has been something that I have been thinking about for a long time and I am honoured to finally make that goal a reality. I look forward to doing everything that I can to help propel the team toward success.

Family; (also dogs age and breed)

My mom is named Noreen, and she is a teacher. My younger brother Owen is in culinary school. We have a 1.5 year old puppy named Trekk that is a Doberman/Bernese/Hound mix.

Former clubs as players?

2017-2022- University of Maine - NCAA D1

2016-2017- Mississauga Jr. Chiefs - PWHL

2015-2016- Sudbury Lady Wolves Midget AA

What will you bring to Gothenburg HC as a player and as a person?

As a player I think that I will bring a competitive edge to the team, aiming to be the best goalie that I can be to help and giving the team a chance to win every game. I am a very self-motivated, competitive, and driven person that constantly aims for success. This is something that I look forward to bringing to the program.

As a person, I look forward to being able to be a part of the Swedish culture and exploring what Göteborg has to offer. I want to be a positive role model to younger female players, as I had many to look up to myself. As a very joyful and fun loving person who enjoys a challenge, I want to bring happiness and a positive mindset to the people around me.

Now you will be part of next year's squad, what qualities do you think are important in an ice hockey player?

I think some of the most important characteristics are competitiveness, drive, self-motivation, and tenacity. I believe that these traits, coupled with good teamwork abilities and good communication, lead to not only the success of the players, but the success of the team.

Göteborg HC has stated that we want to make a restart and build a team with a clear idea, how do you think about your role in building a team with a strong us?

I think that it is important the the team is united, striving toward a common goal. If there are clear expectation, standards and goals set for the team, I believe that this is ultimately the key to success. The best teams are able to put aside differences and work together toward a common goal, something that I am looking forward to seeing happening here with GHC.

What are you most looking forward to playing in our SDHL team?

I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue pursuing my dreams of playing hockey at the highest level possible. I believe that I will be challenged and pushed to develop into the best goalie that I can be while playing for GHC.

What are your main strengths as a player?

As a goalie, I think my primary strength is my ability to use my speed to put myself in the right position before any play, in order to make the best save, as well as continuing with my battle ability to be able to do whatever is necessary to make the second save.

What do you want to develop as a hockey player?

I aim to continue developing my calm and composure in my movements and in any battle situations. It is very easy to start moving everywhere to try to make a save, but it is best to make the simplest save. This is something that I am continually work on.

What are your expectations for the coming season?

I aim to contribute to supporting the team in building a championship culture both on and off of the ice. I expect the team to be in contention for playoffs and to be considered a difficult team to play against.

Do you have a role model? Describe why

My entire goaltending career, my role model has always been Carey Price. He is calm and shows great composure in stressful situations. He also has an incredible ability to put himself into the best position to make a save before a play even has the opportunity to develop.

Off of the ice, my role model is my mom. She shows me the importance of having strength, courage, honesty, humility, and happiness on a daily basis. I aim to continue to chase my dreams on a regular basis just like my mom has taught me.

What is your passion?

I am passionate about life. I am passionate about living a life, every day, which pushes me to be the best version of myself. I believe that my passion for hockey, health, travel and outdoors all play a role in my passion for living a happy, healthy life.

Anything else that might be good to know about you for our players and the club?

I am really looking forward to being a part of GHC and showing the organization, fans, and community what I have to offer as a player and person. I hope someone can teach me some Swedish hockey slang!

Några ord från Head Coach:

Loryn är en dynamisk målvakt med bra teknik. Hon har ett bra öga för spelet framför sig som gör att hon är redo att möta alla skott och kan anpassa sig snabbt efter situationen. Loryn trivs bäst när tempot är högt och hon måste vara fullt påslagen. Hon har genom åren jobbat hårt för att vara som bäst när det gäller.

Välkommen till Göteborg HC!

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